Had it not been for loanDepot, our newest ACES graduates most likely would have never met – much less become a tight-knit team of friends and colleagues. But, after 12 weeks of rigorous training and testing through our industry-leading Accelerated Career in Effective Sales (ACES) program, these 23 talented team members are ready to provide our borrowers with the products they need to make their financial dreams a reality.

The ceremony, attended by family, friends, wives and children, included an introduction by Chad Smith, EVP of Production, who acknowledged the team’s “hard work, dedication and commitment to get to this point in your careers.”

The group also enjoyed a visit the day before from loanDepot Chairman and Founder Anthony Hsieh, who provided insight into the company’s future.

“Technology is blurring the lending lines and changing behavior,” Hsieh said. “Our agile and scalable technology is fast-tracking us as the lending industry’s ultimate game-changer.”

These graduates will definitely be changing up the lending landscape, joining more than 1,400 licensed lending officers, who are offering American borrowers a choice of credit products through purchase and refinance home loans, unsecured personal loans and home equity loans on one convenient tech-enabled lending platform.

In her heartfelt address to the new grads, Senior Corporate Trainer Leslie Nguyen acknowledged the hard work, team effort and time commitment required to achieve this momentous milestone.

“Your competition level is fierce,” she said. “You all have the X factor that will make you successful in this career.”

ACES is offered quarterly to select #TeamloanDepot associates and new hires at no cost to them. Since the sales training program debuted, more than 350 high-achieving loan officers have secured more than 3,850 licenses in 11 states.

Think you have what it takes to take your career to the next level? Our next ACES class begins on Sept. 28, and is already destined to be our largest class on record. Email us at careers@loandepot.com for more information or to put your name on the class roster. A limited number of seats are available, so don’t wait!