At loanDepot, pride, passion and drive come together as we work to ensure Americans have access to the credit they need to make their dreams a reality. Our commitment to American borrowers is so strong that sometimes these efforts are viewed as ‘disrupting’ forces in today’s lending marketplace.

One of the ways our CEO and Chairman Anthony Hsieh ensures our focus on consumers remains ingrained in our workplace DNA is through loanDepot’s CEO Connect program. In this unique program, he holds open forum sessions to connect and engage with individual #TeamloanDepot members about their work, their ideas, and how we can improve our service to American consumers.

These lively discussions are open conversations between Anthony and #TeamloanDepot employees of all levels of the company. No two sessions are ever the same, with topics ranging from business initiatives, what’s important to them, and how we should be improving our product and service offerings for our borrowers’ benefit. We also talk about culture and how to keep it strong.

If you are interested in learning from the best, email to learn more about our openings and opportunities.