It was an evening of excitement and anticipation as 11 winners enjoyed dinner with our CEO Anthony Hsieh last night in Newport Beach. Selected based on the personal stories they shared, dinner guests arrived with great enthusiasm to better understand Anthony’s winning philosophies and insights on how he creates  successful business cultures that have consistently disrupted and transformed our industry over time.

Guests were equally excited to meet their fellow accomplished winners. Lively conversation quickly ensued over cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, and continued as Chad Smith, loanDepot’s EVP, Production, Direct Lending, kicked off the evening by sharing his personal story about his 14-year friendship with Anthony has guided and shaped his life.

As the group enjoyed their gourmet meal, each guest shared their personal stories about overcoming individual challenges and why they were inspired to earn their seat at the table.

By evening’s end, guests were exchanging contact information and proclaiming the night as just the beginning of what they hope will become lasting friendships. Here’s just a few comments overhead: 

“A wonderful night and an honor of my life. Quite amazing actually to hear Anthony’s story. I learned so much and made some life-long friends.” – Mony Nop

“Anthony is such a dynamic, focused and driven leader.  Whatever obstacles he has faced, he has overcome. What an inspiration.” – Meredith Dillas

“Hearing about Anthony’s adventures and how he overcame his challenges throughout his life and career was very inspirational. His consistent resilience, genuine care for everyone in his company, business acumen and industry foresight are such admirable traits that stood out the most to me.” – Alexander Kim

“Whether it be his success in the mortgage industry or his success in sport fishing, it's the minute details, focus, preparation and understanding the competition that made it so intellectually stimulating to share the room with Anthony.” – Tim Hurlbut

“To hear first-hand what it takes to build three companies from the ground up - back to back to back -was amazing. – Yousuf Shah

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