For Team loanDepot, change is not only good—it’s an expectation. Whether through ground-breaking loan products, exceptional customer care or unparalleled technology, Team loanDepot is continuously innovating to bring a best-in-class lending experience to its customers. To that, the company’s top leadership—CEO and Founder Anthony Hsieh, COO Tammy Richards, and Chris Heller, CEO of loanDepot’s sister company, mellohome, met with Team loanDepot Arizona to talk about their vision for the future and the center of our universe: the customer. 

Since founding the company, Hsieh has been a champion for improving the customer experience—and for changing the status quo. He began by envisioning the proprietary technology that would be essential for the transformation. Then, he assembled the best and brightest leadership in the mortgage industry to build a progressive, future-forward business model. Today, the technology he envisioned together with the customer experience guidance his leadership has provided is merging to create a ubiquitous, seamless customer experience that will deliver massive disruption.

For Hsieh, and for team loanDepot, it is time well spent.

As Hsieh shared with the team, “Our industry is massively fragmented,” he added. “The digital age will wipe that out. Digital is going to crush fragmentation.”

Hsieh continued by explaining that the changes we’re seeing today are only going to accelerate. Pair that digital crush with increasing customer expectations and you can see a tsunami of change coming. But Hsieh and his leadership team saw it coming—and are not just ready—they’re on the verge of deploying a transformational business model that will reshape the lending industry much in the way that Uber, Netflix and Amazon did in theirs.

“I came to loanDepot because of Anthony’s vision,” explains Chief Operating Officer Tammy Richards. “We’re focused on delivering a consumer-centric business model, and we can assure you that we have a clear direction and a clear destination.”

Chris Heller, CEO of our sister company, mellohome, is also prepared. Heller has joined Hsieh to create major disruption in another industry—real estate. Partnering with loanDepot, mellohome is challenging the real estate industry by creating a seamless purchase and selling experience that eliminates a chronic pain point: communication.

 “Like Anthony, I’m here to do things that have never been done before,” said Chris. “The consumer is the person driving everything we are doing and where we are going.”

Under our executive leadership’s guidance, loanDepot is poised to not only keep up with customer’s expectations, but leap beyond them. By combining our technological capabilities with the expansive knowledge derived from our team of seasoned professionals their vision is quickly becoming reality—a reality that will forever transform two industries and create a seamless, end-to-end customer experience.