August is prime fishing season for Dorado, Tuna and Yellowtail off the Southern California coast, which makes it the ideal time for some team-building fun on the high seas. During the month of August, #TeamloanDepot super stars have been enjoying days filled with food, fun and fishing off the coast of Newport Beach in recognition for their commitment to being best-in-class lending professionals.  

These employee recognition expeditions celebrate #TeamloanDepot's ALL IN attitude.  The trips take place aboard Team Bad Company, a yacht outfitted with state-of-the-art technology and fishing equipment. The outings are captained by Steve Lassley, a world-renowned expert in all aspects of TeamloanDepot1game fishing. In his 20-years of tournament fishing, Steve has earned an all-time record of more than $6 million in prize money. His record includes multiple wins at every major West Coast tournament and two championships at the prestigious Bisbee’s Black & Blue Tournaments.

To date, each expedition has returned to shore brimming with fish and fun fish tales shared by all TeamloanDepot shipmates. Thankfully, with the speed with which the company is growing, we have an ocean full of opportunity to share with our highly motivated employees!

So if you see a “Gone Fishing!” on an Outlook response, you’ll know it’s a well-deserved trip to our local fishing hole.