Last week in Arizona our CEO Anthony Hsieh gave the world an unprecedented look inside mello, our end-to-end digital lending platform that will change the way Americans think about lending.

Adding to the excitement, the first 15 minutes of the Big Reveal was broadcast live on Facebook and via Live Stream, with the remaining live demo performed as a 'behind-the-velvet-ropes' experience for loanDepot's onsite audience. Here's a clip from the behind-the-velvet-ropes look. Pictured here is the Technology and Product innovation team leading the mello development after being called up to the stage by our CEO to celebrate the launch and reveal.

The Big Reveal event also featured an engaging onstage conversation with our CEO, Chief Technology Officer and our Chief Product Officer. The three c-suite leaders talked with the larger team about mello, the company's commitment to technology as a core strategy and differentiator, and about what's ahead for the company as a national category leader. Our three c-suite leaders took questions from the 250+ team in the audience, who broke out into applause throughout the 90-minute experience, on topics ranging from product specific questions to company vision and strategy. It was an incredible opportunity to talk one-on-one with our key company leaders in a casual environment.

The Big Reveal in Arizona was part of a larger three-day leadership event where key top performers in our Retail organization gathered for high energy breakout sessions on recruiting top talent, the newest digital marketing strategies and tools, and strategic industry relationships. A full day was invested in hands-on training with the mello experience led by the loanDepot training squad.

loanDepot's mello was announced in March 2017 to the excitement and anticipation of industry influencers and lending professionals nationwide. Engineered by the loanDepot innovation team in Southern California, mello is being developed and built from the ground up to deliver a seamless and transparent user experience with unparalleled accuracy, certainty and efficiency. More than a digital lending platform, mello will empower loanDepot to provide a host of products and services to consumers in the future based on algorithms developed from user behavior, robust data enrichments and digital marketing enhancements, among other elements, all created by the loanDepot innovation team.

“loanDepot is in a unique position to invest aggressively in developing our own advanced technology ecosystem that will empower us to quickly venture into future services and markets as consumer needs and lifestyles change,” said Hsieh. “As a result, we’re developing the power and flexibility in house to shape our journey as we advance toward becoming a nationally known household brand to millions of consumers nationwide.”

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