It’s one of the biggest purchases that most people make in their lifetime – buying a home is a process that’s historically been full of questions to which you can’t always get timely answers. How would the process be different if you were able to get reliable, detailed information about the property and your mortgage process? Today, our team announced an agreement with OJO Labs to act as the mortgage provider of their machine-powered assistant known as OJO.

Through the partnership, house hunters will be able to access real estate and mortgage information and get prequalified through this mobile solution powered by OJO Labs’ AI technology and our proprietary digital lending platform, mello.

Since homebuyers are starting the homework leading up to their purchases earlier than ever before with the help of online tools and platforms, the digital experience this partnership will yield is expected to be a powerful asset to those dreaming of a place to call their own. “Knowing when and how to introduce a digital mortgage prequalification during the home search journey is key to delivering a meaningfully improved experience,” loanDepot CEO and Chairman Anthony Hsieh said. “OJO’s focus on developing predictive insights specific to each individual will allow us to do just that.”

Powered by a proprietary AI platform that unifies machine learning techniques, real time data training, and human experts, OJO was built to meet consumers wherever they are in the homebuying journey by delivering microexperiences that are personalized and provide immediate value to those searching for answers.

"During our search for a mortgage partner it was clear that loanDepot invests in technology and focuses on the customer experience in a way that others do not.  We are excited to work together to continually develop processes and tools that drive value for real estate agents and loan officers," said John Berkowitz, co-founder of OJO Labs.