The events of the last two weeks have reminded us how powerful, and at times, devastating, Mother Nature can be. But more than that, it has also reminded us of the inherent resiliency and spirit of the American people.

As I watched the images coming in from Houston over the past two weeks, and communicated with our team there on the ground, I knew that I wanted to be in Houston, supporting the team, letting them know that the hearts and spirits of 6500+ loanDepot team members are with them.

Yesterday, we arrived in Houston with supplies and a pledge for support to soon be “boots on the ground” helping Houston rebuild. What we saw when we arrived was a city that is in deep need. Despite the challenges people are facing, everyone that we met was genuinely thankful for our support and knows that we are there for them. They know that with every donation made to The Red Cross, The Austin Diaper Bank or the Diaper Foundation on www.loanDepot.com, you are there for them as well. Even though the Houston area has been shaken, I know it’s a city that will ultimately rise up and, in time, thrive again.

While we remain dedicated to the greater Houston area, we are also focused on Hurricane Irma – our thoughts are with everyone in this unprecedented storm’s path. To all those affected by Hurricane Harvey, and those facing what may come with Irma, please know that #TeamloanDepot supports you and is praying for your safety.