While we’re developing the technologies that are changing how borrowers access credit  to fuel their lives, we’re also actively inspiring the great minds who will shape the FinTech of tomorrow. 

Recently, Sr. Net Developer Jooyoung Sung of loanDepot organized a tour of our Lake Forest technology center for a select group of computer science and engineering students visiting from Sookmyung University, in Seoul, Korea. The university students joined us as part of a week-long tour of leading American technology companies to gain insights into future career opportunities.

“These students have a great interest in the new technologies being developed in the United States,” says Sung, who is also from Korea. “As they look to start careers in the technology industry, American tech companies are high on their list of exciting career opportunities.”

During the tour, the students learned about loanDepot’s innovative new lending technologies, experienced the company’s unique culture and learned about its ambitious vision for the future.

Students in attendance included Soyoung Kang, Heejung Kwon, Minkyung Kim, Sooyun Kim, Jinsil Kim, Taehee Kim, Seungjin Shin, Jinsun Oh, Yujung Lim, Haeyoung Cho, Jaun Choi and Jieun Choi, along with professor, Jongwon Choe.

“Sookmyung University thought loanDepot would be a great example of a positive work environment within a growing company,” explains Sung. “During the post-tour Q&A, the students definitely showed interest in FinTech and its future in the U.S.”

loanDepot is currently looking for FinTech super stars. Interested in making a difference? Check out our opportunities here.