At loanDepot, there’s no shortage of extraordinary stories that our talented team members live, both personally and professionally. One of the most amazing stories belongs to Todd Becker, a senior loan consultant in our Midwest region. For years, Todd has embodied the loanDepot team attitude of "all in" performance, driving growth paired with a white-glove customer experience, where consumers become family.

It was Fathers Day 2010 when Todd excused himself from family fun to lie down, and take aspirin. He had no idea that he was having a heart attack – and that aspirin literally saved his life. Months later, he found himself unable to ignore a mounting numbness spreading rapidly in his feet. Todd’s heart attack trigger and ongoing condition eventually was diagnosed at the Mayo Clinic as POEMS syndrome – a rare blood disorder that progresses quickly and can become life threatening. After undergoing a bone marrow and stem cell transplant forcing the disease into remission, he’s now his sixth year of his recovery today, feeling blessed to be alive.


Todd was a recent recipient of a seat at our “An Evening with Anthony Hsieh” event in Southern California – an intimate, closed-door dinner with our CEO and chairman. According to Todd, “It was the kind of candid access that was amazing to experience. Hearing from Mr. Hsieh personally about his time on the front lines of lending means that he absolutely understands what we do each day. He’s worked up the ladder at every step, so he completely knows all the layers from his office to our clients.

“Mr. Hsieh’s resilience in the industry resonates so much with me; he’s survived its ups and downs and has a critical understanding of what our consumers need and expect,” Todd continued. “That’s one of our biggest assets.”

Extraordinary people find and savor the challenge in every moment, knowing that the tests arising before them will forge a new understanding of their limits – ever ascending, ever growing. Todd’s resolve and commitment to return to a sense of normalcy for his family are truly heroic. “As I continued to recover, I often reflected back to laying in a hospital bed unable to do anything but count the ceiling tiles. I vowed if I survived, I’d take nothing for granted and not miss any opportunity to learn and grow personally and professionally,” Todd said.

At loanDepot, we’re extremely proud to count Todd Becker as one of our movers and shakers, as he continues to make a difference in the daily lives of his clients, and not taking a single day for granted. If you’re looking to join a team of passionate professionals led by an industry visionary, send us your résumé and areas of interest to and let’s connect.