In less than six days, 27 wounded war heroes will embark on the fishing adventure of a lifetime on the pristine waters surrounding California’s Channel Islands. Our CEO Anthony Hsieh will be joined by some of the finest and most notable sport fishermen in the world as they put their skills to the test to try to catch the best and biggest that Southern California waters have to offer.

Divided into 11 teams, the seasoned captains aboard each yacht will demonstrate their knowledge of the local waters as they help their Veterans find Calico, Rockfish, Halibut, Yellowtail, Yellow- and Bluefin Tuna, Dorado, Marlin and Swordfish. Prizes will be awarded based on individual and team performance. Knowing the enthusiasm and competitive nature of the yacht owners and their captains, this tournament will be one to remember for all involved.

Bringing this tournament to life has been a passion for Hsieh, who was inspired to expand the event after an excursion he led for Veterans last year. His goal is to make this an annual event that continues to grow with each passing year. Given the interest and excitement generated by the SoCal sport fishing community, his vision is crystallizing into a formal dedicated event.

A special shout-out to all of the sport fishing yacht owners, captains and crews who are so graciously donating their yachts, time and skill to this event: 

Boat                                       Owner                                  Captain

Bad Company 92               Anthony Hsieh                  Steve Lassley

Bull Pen                               David Dubois                      David Dubois

Chaser                                  Greg Chase                         Mike “Beak” Hurt

Entourage                           Jim Birmingham                Ned Falschlehne

Gambler                              Richard Peckham             Billy Miyagawa

Good Karma                       Bob Lienau                          Evan Kruger

Joint Venture                    Colby Durnin                      Jimmy Kingsmill

Motivator                            Mark Mitchell                    Tom Shanahan

Pacific Pioneer                  Mike Blower                       Kyle Dickerson

Play N Hookey                   Bill Larkin                             Luis Fernando Palomino

Wild in Sac                          Steve Morgan,                  Dave Hansen

                                                Mark Heinz, Joe Leoy

Next up: Meeting our Veterans next week at the prelude Reception! Don’t miss a moment of the Tournament action. Follow us on social here or here