If you’re a homeowner, you already know the challenges of sourcing and managing vendors to buy and maintain your home. And if you’re a homebuyer, you’re now realizing how much effort goes into finding a great local lender and real estate agent. 

You’re not alone, either. According to a survey we recently conducted with Drive Research, 97% of U.S. homeowners are frustrated working with multiple vendors during the homeownership experience, and 97% expressed appeal in the concept of a trusted/branded network of homeownership vendors to choose from for homeownership needs.

Thanks to Amazon, you don’t have to source multiple services for your retail needs—you just start on your phone and get pet food, light bulbs, clothes, or almost anything else you want in a few days.

What if it was a similar one-stop shop for getting a loan, finding a home to buy, and fixing up your home?

Well, that time is finally arriving. Last week in New York, we expanded the mello brand into new business lines that seamlessly connect you with real estate agents and home improvement pros after loanDepot has pre-approved you for financing to buy or improve your home.

The mello brand began as the name for our proprietary technology that brings the Amazon experience to lending, where you can control the entire loan process any time from any device. Now our new venture mello Home connects you with a local real estate agent who specializes in your market once you’re pre-approved and ready to buy.

These real estate pros have been vetted to make sure they share the standards of service and responsiveness that have made us the nation’s second largest non-bank consumer lender, so you can continue your home buying journey without disruption.

After you own the home, you’ll very likely find yourself wanting to redo a bathroom, replace windows, or maybe build an outdoor kitchen.  

We’ll have you covered there, too, by pre-approving you instantly for your project and connecting you to a contractor in your area through an additional mello Home service line coming in the next few months.

Connecting to these real estate and home improvement pros is free for you. Why? Because loanDepot and mello Home are disrupting the lending and real estate industries so your daily life isn’t disrupted.

Here are more details on the mello Home/loanDepot partnership, and we’re at your service for any questions. Call us at 888-983-3446 to speak with a loan consultant, or get started online.