Marble v quartz

It’s long been my observation that nostalgia runs in 20-year cycles. When I was a young kid in the ’70s, the sitcom “Happy Days” and a healthy obsession for all-things ’50s came with it. In the ’80s, our influences for music and fashion drew from the 1960s. And the beat goes on and the beat goes on until today, where trends of the ’90s are hot, and midcentury is the classic muse from which we take inspiration to update and repurpose.

Today's major trends represent and reflect the past, with a modern sleekness and design. We’ve infused ideas such as sustainability and technology to bring them up to date, but the homage is still evident in color trends and attitude.  

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The new look of kitchens

Kitchens have always been known as “the heart of the home,” but today's kitchens tend to be every bit as comfortable as adjacent living and dining rooms. With open floor plans, kitchens also are as beautiful as they are functional. 

For centuries, classic French kitchen counters have been fashioned from beautifully veined grey and white Carrara marble. Marble and stone mosaics graced walls and floors in ancient Pompeii; were popular in European castles; and are once again big news throughout the home. Wood floors, both highly polished parquet or highly distressed and hand-hewn, are popular in today's kitchens – and they're also practical, thanks to durable new finishes. There are few restrictions today, whether you consider your home a castle or a cottage!

Top trends for 2017

Eco-friendly materials, non-toxic finishes, energy- and water-saving concerns, softer, darker color schemes, beautiful forms, and ultimate comfort are all high on the list of desired features for today's buyers.

To stay in step with the times, consider these eight emerging trends, selected by top interior designers:

  • Greyed colors that range from dusky to dark
  • Softer, rounded forms, both in architecture and furniture
  • Locally-sourced products
  • "Relaxed minimalism" 
  • Honest, natural materials and uncomplicated finishes
  • Darker or black metallics, for everything from kitchen appliances to light fixtures and cabinet pulls
  • Sophisticated pastels and "complicated" color schemes 
  • The re-emergence of blush pink for paint, tile and other interior products

Home automation and smart technology

In addition to tactile materials, soothing colors, an integration of the built environment with the outdoors, and environmental consciousness, easy upkeep is important. Today's homeowners don't want to be slaves to home maintenance; they want to bring their technology home in ways that, a decade ago, were only imagined.

A majority of buyers today want, at a minimum, home security systems and automated temperature controls. But technology that allows the homeowner to manage and monitor everything from door locks to backyard irrigation via smart phone app is surprisingly affordable. Appliances that communicate with one another are today’s reality. Home hubs currently remember an owner’s preferences for lighting and home entertainment options. In the near future, machines are likely to anticipate, rather than simply respond to commands

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Published Sept. 14, 2017


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