7 Quick Decorating Ideas to Beautify Your Home

There are several simple and easy to do decorating ideas that can give your home a fresh look without having to invest an extensive amount of time or money. The following are seven interior fixes to add instant value, and a personal loan from loanDepot might help you get to the starting line faster to a happier more beautiful home.

Add a coat of paint

Paint is a relatively inexpensive way to spruce up virtually any room in the house. Lilac, lavender, and combinations of blue and gray are popular choices for the spring. A fresh coat of paint isn't just for walls. Painting end tables, picture frames, and doors is another easy and fast way to draw attention to a specific area of any room.

Put in a stair runner

This can quickly add color, texture, and style to just about any staircase and is usually easy and cost effective. The right stair runner can also make stairs safer. From solids and stripes to geometric patterns and weaved designs, stair runners provide plenty of decorative options. Sheltnerness.com features bright colors and incredible patterns that can be used for stair runners.

Decorate the entryway

The entryway into your home is generally the first experience people visiting your home will have, and one that sets the tone every time they visit. Something as simple as upgrading the front door or adding an attractive light fixture will change the look of your home. There are literally dozens of ways to enhance an entry. Even touch-ups as simple as new floor mats and hanging plants can make a big difference.

Add style with mirrors

Whether it's the bedroom, bathroom, or a main entrance leading into the living room, mirrors are a great way to beautify your home.  Mirrors come in all shapes, sizes, and a variety of gorgeous, artistic frames. Not only can mirrors add style to a home but they can actually make rooms look larger. House Beautiful offers several creative ideas for decorating with mirrors.

Install interior shutters

With the summer months ahead there will be more hours of sun streaming through the windows. Decorating with interior shutters is a great way to spruce up the house while creating a way to easily keep out excessive sunlight and heat. Wood or vinyl shutters dramatically change the appearance of a room by adding more than just fabric to a window.

Deep clean tile and grout

Sometimes a professional cleaning is all it takes to give a room a whole new look. Getting rid of dirt and grime between the tiles can brighten any room in the house. Home Advisor discusses the importance of keeping tile and grout clean as well as the average costs of having the job completed.

Reupholster furniture

Nothing will make your old, outdated furniture look fresh again like new fabric upholstery. Depending on the quality of your furniture, this can be a much more affordable option than replacing it. The cost of re-upholstering a three-cushion couch will run about $850 to $1,200 and a single-cushion chair is about $550 to $700, according to Better Homes and Gardens. And while furniture upholstery isn’t easy or cheap, you will have an entirely new piece of furniture when you’re done. 

While all of these fixes are relatively affordable, the cost can add up quickly when you combine multiple projects. With a loanDepot personal loan, which can be funded in as little as three days, you can tackle all your renovation dreams.

Published August 9, 2018


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