We Build A Better Joint Venture

loanDepot’s Joint Venture (JV) channel is designed to provide operational support to our builder and realtor partners while ensuring a seamless process to the homebuyer.

What Makes Our Joint Ventures Unique?

We don’t operate like a traditional lender. loanDepot functions as a department within our partner’s business. Our primary focus is guiding our homebuyers across the finish line with a smile on their face as well as creating additional qualified prospects for our homebuilders to increase their sales.

Dan Peña

Dan Peña

Executive Vice President, National Joint Ventures

Phone:     (480) 344-7406

Email:   DPena@loandepot.com

"We’re familiar with every nuance in the builder sector. Our reliable products will turn anyone’s uncertainty into confidence."

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How do we do it?


We’re more informed than other lenders. Through weekly backlog meetings, status updates, and interactions at sales meetings, we understand what our partners’ expectations are. Each joint venture partnership is custom-fitted to the specific needs of the homebuilder/realtor and homebuyer with the goal of quick, stress-free closings.


We’re not distracted by refinancing or outside spot business. loanDepot’s Joint Venture channel exists purely to be there for the homebuilder/realtor and homebuyer. We’re 100% focused on that transaction and the thousands of transactions to follow.

Dedicated Operations Teams

We know builder business and the complexities that make the new construction process flow different than what a traditional retail lender may experience. Our loan consultants, processors, underwriters, and joint venture management have the expertise to minimize risk and secure a much more predictable and efficient transaction.

Diverse Product Offerings

Our loan products are specifically designed for the homebuyers’ financial needs. We have long-term locks with float downs that will protect them from rising interest rates during the construction cycle. We also have different ARM options that will allow customers to select the best product based on how long they intend to live in their new home. These are products they can count on!

Industry Leading Technology

Through our innovative technology, we continue to redefine the way lending professionals collaborate with homebuyers. Our digital lending platform, mello, empowers borrowers to complete loan applications on any device, saving time and paperwork. The benefit to builders are timely status updates, fewer delays, and more satisfied customers.

Customer Satisfaction

We provide excellent customer service as evidenced by our customer satisfaction rating being above 90% across the entire joint venture channel. The smoother we make the transaction, the happier the homebuyer will be.

Strength of loanDepot

We’re the second largest non-bank lender, which mean means our partnerships form a powerful yet nimble joint venture. This allows us to generate products specifically for new construction, tweak underwriting guidelines to help our builders sell more homes to more qualified borrowers, and even adjust pricing for different markets.

Our Sole Purpose is to Help Builders Sell Homes!

With a proven track record for our JV Model, we’ve partnered with 5 of the Nation’s Top 25 Builders.