When Richey May & Co. needed fresh insights into the lending landscape at their annual June 8th Mortgage Banking Roundtable in Colorado they naturally turned to our Chairman and CEO Anthony Hsieh.

Known for creating companies with innovative technology-based distribution models and unparalleled business integrity, the industry icon will be sharing his insights on the future of modern lending with the more than 120 invited c-suite executives from around the country.

Those industry executives who will join this exclusive event will hear first-hand on how Hsieh’s vision extends beyond home loan lending, and how each new business venture he launches serves as yet another opportunity to improve upon previous successful ventures.

Established in 2010, the Richey May Mortgage Banking Roundtable is recognized as one of the premier events within the mortgage banking industry. The roundtable event is a unique forum that promotes discussion and the sharing of ideas and insight among the executives of independent mortgage companies.

Hsieh’s latest business venture, loanDepot, has funded over $60 billion in personal, purchase, refinance and home equity loans since 2010. More importantly than the loans funded is #TeamloanDepot’s 5,200+ members—including 1,700+ licensed loan officers—dedicated to work tirelessly to ensure responsible borrowers have access to the credit they need to fuel their dreams.

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