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Jenifer P.

"loanDepot took the time to explain in simple language all of the terms for my loan. I could not ask for anything more, they did exactly what they said they would and I have had no problems."

Buying a House

Steven M.

"We tried to buy a house for months with 4 different lenders. I am so glad we received a call from loanDepot. They listened and helped us even though we were working with another lender."


David M.
New York

"At first I was skeptical, but loanDepot took the time with me and refinanced my home so I can afford to stay in it. They were also able to give me a personal loan. Everyone I dealt with was very kind."

Frequently Asked Questions

mello smartloan is a first-of-its-kind end-to-end digital home loan that can identify significant time- and cost-savings for customers in just minutes. By creating a fully digital experience from application through closing, not only do you save significant volumes of time, you enjoy greater surety across the entire process.
In some cases you may not require an appraisal, which can instantly save you hundreds of dollars as well as eliminate the hassle of scheduling an appraiser. Thanks to the power of mello smartdecision™, our loan officers can instantly determine if you could qualify for an appraisal waiver—and can provide that guidance within minutes after submitting your online application.
Yes. Even if you do not receive an appraisal waiver, you’ll know the results of your appraisal valuation much sooner, again reducing time to close. That’s because Appraisal and Title are traditionally two of the longest pieces of the home loan process. With mello smartloan, our technology provides the opportunity for home value approval and title clearance within minutes, again saving you a significant amount of time.
mello smartloan harnesses our proprietary mello technology, together with intelligent data, to shave up to 80% of the work that you would normally need to complete from application to close, eliminating a lot of the frustration that has, to date, often accompanied the mortgage experience. Simply login and create an account to get started.
mello smartloan can shave up to 17 days off the closing process. And, even if you don’t—or can’t connect all of your information digitally, you’re still able to enjoy significant time savings.

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